Category: <span>Meat Shoot</span>

Category: Meat Shoot

Meat Shoot Friday, February 2

Hey shotgun shooters: Time to ready your trusty shotgun for the meat shoot at the RMGC scheduled for Friday, Feb 2. Shoot from 5-10 PM for the prizes of the day. Connie will be working up another of her very tasty dishes. and additional snacks and goodies will also be available. Club has …

Meat Shoot Friday January 5

The next meat shoot is scheduled at the RMGC on Friday, Jan 5. Shoot from 5-10 PM for the prizes of the day. The club would like to thank Papa Murphy’s Pizza in Casper for their prize donations. Along with some snacks and goodies, Gene will be brewing up his …

Meat Shoot Friday, April 21

Mark your calendars for the meat shoot scheduled for Friday, April 21. Shoot for the prizes of the day and enjoy some of Todd’s gourmet chow. Shells are available at the club as well as loaner 12 gauge shotguns. Shoot from 5-10 PM and early shooters can shoot during daylight …

Friday, March 24 Meat Shoot

Shotgun shooters: Meat shooters: ALL: With the interest shown by numerous shooters at our March 3 shoot about additional shoots, we have scheduled another meat shoot on Friday, March 24. Mark your calendars and spread the word. Again-another March shoot scheduled for March 24 Thanks Safe shooting RMGC

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